Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit | Bike Rides

One of the memorable sentences from my coursebook – yea I was a student of English Literature – is from Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot. It goes: “Habit is a great deadner”. This week challage by Daily Post is HABIT and I thought well…lets share a post about one of the habit of mine.

And believe me when I say that this habit is no deadner. Actually I feel truly alive when I am riding by bike. The momemnts I spend during my road trips are the most vivid moments I live and these moments just stay with me always lifting up my spirit.

I often wonder what would I have missed if I missed these unforgettable rides…so here it is…one of the magical rides that I had and will have again.

This pic is from by bike trip to Ladakh:

@Chang La Paas en route Pangong Tso

This is Magical…the Beauty of Ladakh…@Chang La Paa en route Pangong Tso

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