Weekend Trek From Delhi to Narkanda Hatu Peak

The commitment I made to myself was fulfilled as I embarked from Delhi to Narkanda for a weekend break that included trek to Hatu Peak. I was amazing how I managed to cover Kufri Shimla and Narkanda in span of just 2 days. The 7 kilometers trek to Hatu Peak was mesmerizing and for the first time I didn’t even felt tired. I was just a little worried as we sauntered down and it got dark and thre was no light to guide our way. But somehow we managed to reach town. The entire trip was a revelation which I will reveal in my upcoming post. For now let the pictures tell the story 🙂

Christ Church Shimla

Christ Church, Shimla

At the Frozen Pond, Hatu Peak Trek, Narkanda

Here We Go

Hatu Peak Trek

Take a Nap…Will Ya

Hatu Temple View

Hatu Temple View

Hatu Temple

Yet Another

Nap Time

Just Lie Down…Let it seep in!

No Overtaking

Remember the rules

Over the Frozen Pond

Really…I am standing over a pond

Shimla in a Postcard

In a Nutshell: Shimla

Shimla Railway Station

No Thoroughfare


Azure: At The Mall Road in Shimla

Sledging or Whatever

Sledging or Whatever

Snow Point

In The Background

United we Stand

Here we go…Ale ale ale

What a View: Trek to Hatu Peak

A View to Thrill

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