Street Photography: McLeodganj n Smoke

Sunday Street Photography is a new concept. It came into my mind while wondering what to update on my blog. So starting this Sunday I am going to share some street photography that I have done in and around Delhi.

These photos are from McLeod Ganj I went there a few months ago. Apart from the scenery, I also loved St James in the Wilderness.

McLeod was established in the mid-1850s as a British garrison and it briefly served as an administration centre for the colonial government until the devastating earthquake of 1905. It remained a back­water until 1960, when the Dalai Lama and his entourage claimed asylum here following the Chinese invasion of Tibet.

Since that time, McLeod Ganj has become an important centre for the study of Buddhism and Tibetan culture. There are all sorts of holistic activities and courses on offer, and lots of visitors come here to volunteer on community projects that focus on the refugee community.

It’s one of the most popular tourist hangout in Himachal Pradesh, with dozens of budget hotels, trekking companies, net cafés, traveller restaurants, video movie parlours and wall-to-wall shops selling Tibetan souvenirs.

McLeodganj photo by Nikhil Chandra

Stream Gazing, McLeodganj


Portrait Photograpgy, McLeod Ganj, By Nikhil Chandra

Universal Language – Holy Smoke, McLeodganj

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2 thoughts on “Street Photography: McLeodganj n Smoke

    1. Nikhil Chandra Post author

      Hey Parul,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Its heartening to know that my pictures were as engaging as you mean them to be 🙂 Thanks for liking them. I am not that much into monochrome but I do found them quite powerful when they capture something commonplace or very raw which is often overlooked especially street photography.

      I’d definitely check out your monthly Sunday feature and I hope there will be more stopovers by you at my blog 🙂

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