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Siri Fort – Second of the Seven Cities of Delhi – A Photolog

I just love traveling in New Delhi. Photographing heritage structures aka monuments and ruins sprinkled across seven cities of Delhi is both enlightening and enriching travel and photography experience. This one is from second city of Delhi: Siri. I was writing about seven cities of Delhi but it somehow stopped. Call it my habit of procrastination but I think with the arrival of new year I should do some new things to mark a new beginning. Writing is one thing I love and to have such a long break from it is really saddening too. So now here I am trying to make amends. This is a photolog and the full post with historical and humorous narrative is in the pipeline...My tribute to Delhi because I love my city.

Siri - Seven Cities of Delhi

Siri, Second City of Delhi – Of Seven Cities of Delhi

After a Long Hiatus I visited Siri, almost after an Year in search of lost cities of Delhi. Siri happens to be the second of the seven cities of Delhi. Once this fortified city ruled by Alaudin Khilji stood against the plunderers from Mongol so much as to Khalji being referred to as the bane of Mongols, the one who crushed the mighty mongols

Crumbling Fortifications of Siri Fort

Fortification of Siri Fort

Nothing is as Powerful as Time – Once the fortification of SIri Fort witheld the rampaging Mongols but ravages of time it couldn’t. “Cities and Thrones and Powers Stand in Time’s eye, Almost as long as flowers, Which daily die.”

Mohamadwali Mosque, Siri

Mohamadwali Mosque – The Plaque Says it All

Mohhamaswali Masjid, Siri Fort Complex

This is the only standing Structure near Siri Fort Stadium except for crumbling Walls of Siri

This is the only standing Structure near Siri Fort Stadium except for crumbling Walls of Siri

Khirki Masjid

Domes atop Khirki Masjid

This is perhaps the most neglected, dirty, smelly yet impressive ASI’s Protected Monuments of India.

Cenotaph, Khirki Village

A cenotaph near tomb of Shaikh Yusuf Qattal

Its no Stonehedge – Protective Structures built for a cenotaph at Khirki Village near tomb of Shaikh Yusuf Qattal which would have been of some important personage…a scholar or tutor may be…

Tohfewala Gumbad Masjid, Shahpur Jat

Tohfewala Gumbad Masjid Shahpur Jat Village.

Tohfewala Gumbad Masjid is one of the structure whose ruins show the form of domed central apartment and sloping wall characteristic of Khaljis architecture. It is located in Shahpur Jat Village.

The Tombs of Sheikh Alauddin and Sheikh Yusuf Qattal

Tomb of Shaikh Yusuf Quttal

I spotted 2 Tombs en route Khirki Mosque. One was Shaikh Yusuf Quttal and the other one is Sheikh Alauddin. They are small pavillions with domes that rest on twelve pillars. The pillars have some magnificent red sandstone latticework screens between them. However there are some individual features. The tomb of Sheikh Alauddin is somewhat more ornate than that of Yusuf Qatal.

ASI - Broken Promises, Neglected Monuments

Broken Just as ASI

This plaque is as broken as promise of ASI which is in charge of the preservation of Heritage Structures in Delhi. This photograpgh was taken just ourside Mohhamadwali Masjid, Siri. I wonder what makes them think that Delhi could be given the status of World Heritage City by UNESCO.

Cenotaph of Yusuf Qatal, Khirkee Village

Cenotaph of Yusuf Qatal, Khirkee Village

Shaikh Yusuf Qattal was a disciple of Qazi Jalauddin of Lahore. He performed religious devotion at Satpula and died in the year A.H. 933. The tomb is a twelve-pillared chhatri having parapet of kangura pattern, a mihrab with a pendant design over which is inscribed kalima in Kufic characters.

Bird Photography - Siri Fort

The Bullyi

Birds at Siri – Photography Near Siri, one of the seven capitals of Delh.

Mohhamedwala Masjid near Siri Fort Sport Complex

Interiors of the Mohhamedwala Masjid near Siri Fort Sport Complex

Arches inside Khirkee Masjid

Arches inside Khirkee Masjid

Nikhil Chandra Photography at Siri Fort

This one is my favorite photograph of the morning at Siri

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