Revisiting Tungnath & Deoriatal

True to the promise that I made myself in the beginning of this year, I was set once again to return to the bosom of mighty Himalayas, the place which had me fall head over heels the first time I experienced its soothing and mentally uplifting embrace. It was almost 10 years ago (I know I started late but better late than never).

So this time (second weekend of April), I was once again footloose in Himalayas. This time around it was a Chandrashila – Chopta – Deoriya Tal circuit that I had in mind. I have been to Tungnath and Deoria Tal before but Chandrashila I had missed due to snow and we didn’t attempt Chopta – Deoriya Tal last time. So one reason to revisit the place was to Trek from Chopta to Chandrashila, then back to Chopta and trek from there to Deoriya Tal instead of traveling to Sari Village and then doing the tal.

It was well past noon when we arrived in Chopta but still we had time to do the Chandrashila. The sky looked clear and the scenery lush. Everything looked well set. Rhododendron forests were in bloom and the path was well laid. In short it was invigorating hence we set out to conquer Chandrashila without wasting any time.

Walking the rhododendrons forest with sweet aroma punctuating the surroundings and undulating Himalayan range is such a joy. However; as soon as we crossed the first bugyal on our way to Tungnath my heart sank. The sight of the enormous snow cover near Chandrashila was something unexpected. It was more than what I had experienced the last time I came here and that too in the middle of March almost a decade back.

The details of my trek to Tungnath and Deoriya Tal are already there should you want to know how it feels to be there. Hence I’d wrap up this post with a few pics from the trip. But heed this Chandrashila…I’ll be back for thee 🙂


Sari Village, Deoriyatal Tungnath Trek

Return to Innocence

The view, the view Deoriya Tal

The view, the viewDeoriya

Tungnath Temple, Uttarakhand




We become Ganges

We become Ganges



Sari Village - Deoriya Tal Trek

Morning Glory – Sari Village


Distant view of Chandrashila from Sari

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