Timing it Ah Well: Nag Tibba Trek

I step outside and almost instinctively know the road to take. I offer my Namaste to people and they return back with warmth …never short of that whenever I am footloose in Himalayas. They are enterprising and deep into their daily chores and I ask for the way…just for the sake of it and they tell me that I am right on it.

Nag Tibba

The view…the view

I am always amazed at the exuberance of it all. They are the most wonderful people that I have met. Be it Ladakh, Himachal or in this case Uttarakhand…these people are just infectious in the way they smile and pass on their positive vibe.

I walk on – actually it is we – Deepak takes the lead…he is the first time trekker but he belongs to the hills…he is a resident Uttaranchali himself. And as I will go on through my narrative…You’ll know that he turned out to be my lifeline as well 🙂

Here’s practical info about how to do Nag Tibba Trek from Delhi on a weekend.

It was an uphill climb and there were just two of us and inevitably I hum

You and me Sunday driving

Not arriving

On our way back home

Two of us wearing raincoats

Standing solo

In the sun

You and me chasing paper

Getting nowhere

On our way back home

We’re on our way home

We’re on our way home

We’re going home

It is Sunday by the way and a day post Valentine’s Day too and as I said I was already in utter…sublime…helplessly and in complete love 🙂

There are 4 gravel roads – which by the way are motorable too – that we cross during our initial uphill climb. It is tolling and soon we sit back to catch our breaths. There’s a shade box and Deepak found it out to be the perfect place to cook our first round of magi.

So we gather some woods and inflammable materials to have a go at it. There are plenty of those around and thankfully Deepak has brought a pan as well. Looking back at pictures, it appears as if I have been cooking…But honestly from the beginning till the end, it was Deepak who did all the cooking. It was amazing or shall I say hangover of the first time trekker but he did well and well I mean he did brilliant.

Soon after we had magi, we set out. We were replenished and it helped. We covered a few kilometers in a quick go but as it happens…soon we ran out of fuel though. I am walking ahead and Deepak is lagging behind… I can see it that he is exhausted and so am I but at every bend of the hill I offer him the best I could… Lagta hai aane waala hai (We are near)

In the meanwhile we reach midway. It’s a beautiful village…Actually it is just 2-3 thatched homes all and about. But the wonder of is that we do find a few people…It was late in the day and we are happy indeed to be a part of civilization once again.

So what transpires??? “Aur Kitni duur hai bhaisaab” “Aap to aadhe hin aaye ho abhi tak”. Man! Was I disappointed? I was literally crestfallen. Here I was thinking that I am almost up there but he tells me that I am only midway. I look at Deepak…He is calm…Almost like he has made up his mind and accepted that no matter what he will go on.

That is encouraging and we move on…In fact we are fast now…We keep walking and although the road is taxing – by the way it is Himalayas and I revere each one of my trek as a pilgrimage –  We arrive at many summit an longing that it will be last but we have to climb one after another.

In the meanwhile, Deepak plucks some jaadi booti, thanks to this that when we are almost out of breath and water and when he offers me that Pudina leaf…I almost choke on it…Not because it was bad…But because it literally tasted like the best food I had in years.

This indeed is magic of Himalayas and the solacing embrace. Here we were…two lonely souls…Somehow crawling along and in between we were blessed. After scampering on for gods know how long and after capturing quite a few good pics we finally reached the base where the temple of the venerable Nag Devta is.

Even as we walk on the porter cum guide of the group that we met midway is setting up the tents. He managed well with sleeping one but he doesn’t have a clue how to set up the washroom. We jog along and sit down there.

It is amazing. We have made it. The wind blowing is sweet as it caress our face. The sound of the strong breeze is music to my ears. I take out the pista…It was long overdue…I recline – there’s nothing to recline against – I eat, I pray and I love.

It is one of the best days of my life. I am here…It is Nag TIbba trek… and I have done that. And I am thankful. I thank you and I thank everyone…I am blessed and it wouldn’t have happened without your support…So thank you for this wonderful day….I shout in utter silence…Thank you Deepak, thank you Kumar…thanks Gaurav and thanks Big B.

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