Magnetic Hill: Ladakh

Did you know that India has its own version of Bermuda Triangle which pulls car and even air planes? Well not quite it but an area that has magnetic properties.  The name is given to a particular area in Ladakh region. It is called Magnetic Hill and is located just 30 kilometers drive/ride from Leh on Leh-Srinagar Highway on way to Alchi.

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

Magnetic Hill in Ladakh – Gravity defying Phenomena

As we rode along the way to Srinagar we came across a sign at the spot which invites you to park your vehicle inside a white square marked on the road. It also proclaims that it’s a phenomenon that defies gravity. According to the sign board if you park your vehicle there after switching off the engine and leaving it in neutral it will start moving uphill at speed of 10-20 KMPH due to the magnetic property of the hills.

Alas my bike was not made of the same material. I did park it inside the box and left it in neutral. I stood frozen albeit with some trepidation and my shaking hand holding the camera, somehow managing to do that. I watched and waited, breath holding, face sweating and heart pounding…Lo and behold even though my bike didn’t moved, I saw my friend stuck to the post proclaiming about the magnetic property of the hill. So to our surprise we found out that it’s not the hill that has magnetic property rather it’s the BRO signboard which has.

Magnetic Hill, Leh Ladakh

Magnetic property of the board attracted my friend Donny Lama as you can see yourself: His jacket had too much iron 🙂

And the box too is full of Magnetic property as you can see in the photos that my brother, our bikes and a non-iron dog is also attracted towards the white box painted on the road which happens to be the Magnetic Hill. Whatever may be the case, it was hilariously gravity defying phenomena.

Magnetic Hill

A Phenomena that doesn’t defy gravity at all…you’re safe Tony Stark…Fly by

As for the fact, Magnet Hill which allegedly has magnetic properties strong enough to pull cars uphill and force the vigilante Iron Man to skip Ladakh altogether during his world savior tours, is in reality the effect of an optical illusion. There is no magnetic disturbance in the area at all so Iron Man or Mr. Tony Stark; if you are reading this, you are welcome to Ladakh.

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