Lioned Tailed Macaque: Wildlife Wednesday

This wildlife Wednesday, let me share a very good news with you guys.. In the picture you see Lioned Tailed Macaque. This one os from National Zoological Park in Delhi.

Why we should rejoice is that this once endangered species which were endemic to Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve are now multiplying. So much so that this species is taken off the endangered species list.

After all those news of tiger poachings and killing of Singled horned rhinos in Kaziranga, this is a heartening news indeed.

So bear with me as I share this wonderful Wildlife Wednesday photo.

All cheers for Lioned Tailed Macaque!

Lion Tailed Macqaque

Lion Tailed Macqaque were recently endangered species but not anymore

Note: This photo of Lioned Tailed Macaque was taken using my Nikon P100i during my visit to National Zoological Park in Delhi.

Do leave your bouquet and brickbats in the comment section. Thanks!

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