10 Driving Lessons from Ladakh I learned during by Motorcycle Trip

A trip to Ladakh is a profound learning experience. It can teach you many things especially if you are riding all the way to this magnificent land. Here are the 10 lessons from Ladakh on how to drive safely. It was a brilliant mix of humor and wisdon and thanks to the guys from Project Himank and Vijyank for coming up with these wonderful ideas to impart driving lessons. Take heed of these lessons from Ladakh if you are a rider…and hey these are the funny road signs of Ladakh and yet with a load of wisdom.

1. Drive like Hell, You will be there

2. I am Curvaceous Be Slow

3. Impossible Will Take Time Difficult Will be Done Immediately

4. You May Not Be Superstitious; but Believe in Traffic Signs

5. It’s not Rally, Enjoy the Valley


Ladakh Photography by Nikhil Chandra

Sky Is The Limit; We Take You There – It indeed is 🙂 Courtesy Project Himank

6. Rules here are made for your Safety, Either follow it or be History

7. Drive on Horse Power Not on Rum Power

8. Check your Nerve on my Curve

9. Highway is not the Way to Get High

10. It’s Always Better to be Late than Being Late Mr

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