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How many of you know that not in distant past, Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) had a grand plan for Janpath (Or may be it still has)?

It was proposed to develop Janpath area just along the same line as the Oxford Street in London, Champs Elysees in Paris or the Orchard Street in Singapore. But that is for later.

I have my fingers closed on approval of the proposal but even then Janpath Market near Connaught Place is the ultimate for bargain shoppers looking to buy …well almost anything.

Janpath Market

Janpath Market is one of the best bargain shopping places in Delhi

During my college days this was the place I went treasure hunting for Kurtas, denims, t shirts with cool messages and accessories. Although my frequency of visit to Janpath Market has decreased, I do find myself walking along this place once in awhile.

As for history, Janpath (meaning People’s path in Hindi), was originally called “Queen’s Way”, an original part of Sir Edwin Lutyen’s design of New Delhi.

One of the oldest markets of Delhi, Janpath is one and a half kilometer stretch of boutique stores selling products which are otherwise hard to find at one place in malls of the city.

The long line of boutiques is a heaven for budget travelers and shoppers. You can find everything here – ethnic dresses, Kolhapuri jootis (shoes), bangles, jewelry, Indian handicrafts and curio aplenty.

That is not all. There are numerous Indian-style fast-food places along with my favorite Sarvana Bhavan on the opposite side of the Janpath Market offering delectable Indian cuisines and street food.

Souvenirs such as necklaces, junk jewelry, handicraft items and ethnic dresses are very popular among foreigners. For them these are perfect gift to carry back home for friends and family and not too heavy on pocket either.

The rule of the thumb for shoppers at Janpath Market is to bargain as much as they can. Prices are often inflated twice the actual cost by the vendors. It depends on your bargaining ability as to how cheap you can purchase a product.

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