What do you do when the net goes off in the office when you come in the morning and switch on your system? Well there’s nothing else you could do as you are an online marketer and puff…you have just gone offline. So what do you do? Do you call a team meeting? That’s a good idea for…well time pass. But you don’t feel like it. May be you need time to relax…as I do today. Still feeling sleepy…utterly discontent with the monotonous, routine life with traveling taking the backseat. To be honest I feel …Well I don’t feel like feeling anything. Interests that kept me going are no longer the factors that kept me on my toes. No music, no books, no morning walks, no photography and no traveling. I am just existing that’s it. It’s brutal to realize this truth. Am I getting old? Who knows; maybe I have.

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