Happy International Woman’s Day

I say Happy International Woman’s Day!

They say special days are marketing gimmick created by greeting card companies. I say so what!

At least they have given us a day where we could really take some time out to wish…honestly wish women around us and thank them for the power they have given us and for the kid we were, and for the man we are and will be.

International-womans-day -mom

Salute and respect to the most wonderful, powerful and kindest woman that I know

Salute, respect and power to them for they have taught us respect, humility, kindness and what it is to be a good, kind and caring human being. Because they were always there in good and bad; in weakness and strength in sadness and joy. She’s my mother, she’s my sister, and she is every other woman I have known who has touched my life in any way.

And especially to my mom. You are the most wonderful, strong, kind and loving woman that I know. I am blessed to have you in my life. You are pillar of my strength and every good thing I am today. So I’ll say this do you today even though I don’t say it more often. Believe me that I mean it every single moment of my existence. I’m glad to have you as my mom.

family by nikhil chandra

With mom n sis

So Happy International Woman’s Day to my mom, to all wonderful moms out there. To sisters, friends, lovers, spouses and daughters. Power and respect. You guys rock! Can’t imagine a world without you. Thank you for making this world a wonderful place to live in.

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