How to optimize Social Media to drive Revenue if you are a Restaurant

Often new start ups  especially restaurant wonder how to optimize social media to drive revenue. One of the frequently asked question is how to use social media to drive revenue if you are a Restaurant.

I have come up with the starter guide on what are some good ways restaurants and caterers can employ social media to drive revenue.

So here it goes:

1. Most of the users are on Facebook who spend considerable time. Facebook reviews and posts also influence these users to make purchasing decision. You should create a Facebook Page and keep updating your page on a regular basis.

2. Your shares should ideally be  images of cuisines as images always generate more attention and you could share images of your outlet, images of  staff preparing dishes,cuisine recipe infographics and images with quotes on food or your customer.

3. You should also encourage your happy customers to share photos and their favourite cuisine on your Facebook fan page.

4. Create a profile on Twitter. Post regularly especially the images and blog updates. Create some contests and engage with users in same niche as yours.

How to optimize your Business on Social Media to drive revenue

What are some good ways restaurants and caterers can employ social media to drive revenue

5. Create a business page on Linkedin. Participate in discussions by joining groups which are related to your niche. Publish offers on your business page and encourage your happy customers to endorse you.

6. You should create a blog and I’d highly recommend WordPress blog which could be frequently updated.

7. Share recipes, facts on food, food guides etc. on your blog. You should also share infographics on how to prepare a particular cuisine to make your blog more share worthy.

8. Invite your happy customers to write reviews and guest post on your blog or on their own blog.

9. Don’t forget to syndicate your blogs with your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

10. Don’t forget to bookmark your blog posts on Stumbleupon, Reddit etc but don’t overdo it.

11. Submit your Blogs to quality blog directories like Technorati etc.

12. Do create a local listing on Google Places for better search engine ranking and don’t forget to ask your customers to review your property.

13. List your business on Foursquare for better visibility. Giving offera through Foursquare would do great as it will show in recommendation. Foursquare has 15 million strong user base looking for recommendation on where to visit or where to eat and nearby offers.

14. Create weekly contests on Twitter and Facebook and offer discount vouchers for winners who’ll visit your restaurant and dine or eat there.

15. Guest posting on various food and living blogs could be a good option to spread awareness and create buzz about your property.

16. Create video of  how a speciality cuisine is prepared. And don’t forget to share happy customer experiences on Youtube and Vimeo etc. They often encourage others viewers to visit your property.

17. Create PDFs and PPTs of recipes and share them on Slideshare and other document sharing sites.

18. Encourage your users to review your properties on various review websites like Trip Advisor, Rotten Tomatoes, Lonely Planet etc.

19. And last but not the least, do track all your campaign through analytic tool. Google Analytics is  the best free available tool. Create goals, have some KPI defined and measure your social media campaigns. Is it working or not? If yes, then do you need to do more or if no do you want to continue? These questions could be answered through Google Analytics.

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