How to block Dynamic IP from Google Analytics

One of the questions every digital marketer who uses Google Analytics asks is how to stop Google Analytics for tracking my own visits to my website. How can I block my Dynamic IP from Google Analytics.

One of the ways is using advanced filters for your site profile in Google Analytics.

But in order to be able to do that, every computer in your intranet or personal computer should have a static physical address i.e. IP Address.

You could do it through Advanced Filters in Admin Panel. Don’t forget to create a new view before creating this filter as the loss of data can be irrevocable i.e. permanent loss of valuable data.

Dynamic IP Exclusion

How to block Dynamic IP from Google Analytics


1. Go to Admin
2. Select View Profile and create a new view
3. Click on Filter
4. Add New Filter
5. Name it IP Exclusion or whatever
6. Select the Custom Filter Radio Button
7. Check Exclude
8. Select IP Address as Filter Field
9. In Filter pattern Use Regex to define the range of IP address

For example for IP ranging from to
The regex would be:


10. Now you are done. Go to reporting, wait for some hour before the data starts trickling in. Now you’ll notice 2 different numbers of visitors for traffic acquisition.

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