Google Updates Page Rank on 06 December 2013

Many SEO experts including the likes of Barry Schwartz have speculated that Google won’t update the Page Rank tool bar this year. Even the videos of Matt Cutts were all gaga about no page rank update. But the Page Rank update by Google is happening even as I am typing these words or it might have rolled out completely by now.

Google Page Rank Update

Despite claims by SEO experts, Google just updated Page RankGoogle Page Rank Update

It was suggested by many that Page Rank encourages Black Hat SEO and that SEOs use PR data to engage in link selling and exchange schemes. Here’s what Mat said about Page Rank earlier this year:

Hence the justification was that Google will not update the page rank and that slowly PR will be dropped by Google altogether. Thanks to this update all speculations are now dead. I have checked this on many websites to confirm the page rank update and could vouch for sure that it has happened.

Don’t believe me? Well this website – my personal domain – where you are reading this post had no page rank as I had launched it just a few months ago. But now it has PR 2. I also noticed many sites which I handle gain some PR and loose some PR.

My only dismay is that one of the blog that I curate didn’t receive as many page rank as I expected but lost.

Why you ask?

The blog I am talking about is updated frequently – almost daily. The internal linking structure as well as navigation is all fine. It also happens to be the responsive web design with page load speed above 90. It ranks very well with its keywords and even ourranks and for many highly competitive keywords. Still its PR fell.

I believe that back links are still the numero uno factor when it comes to page rank. They are also highly relevant when it comes to search engine ranking but after the recent updates I have noticed that frequently updated content does get cached instantly and also rank higher if the content is good (as does the blog I am talking about).

Thanks to knowledge graph and Hummingbird that even if we don’t have many backlinks our page ranks high in search engine. That is one way to tackle black hat SEO and reward those who are creating ‘great content’ (great = useful + high quality).

So what about your site?

Did you gain some PR or did you lose some? What do you think of this page rank update and how did it affect you?

Do you have something to say to Barry Schwartz or Google’s Matt Cutts who said there won’t be any such update this year?

Do let me know your thought on this latest Google Update or the Page Rank update through the comments.

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