Google Not Provided to go 100% of All Organic Search Query

Some say what does it matters if Google does not provide search engine referral data at all. You do it right and everything will be fine.

Do I disagree? No I don’t.

But do I like it?

No! I don’t like it at all.

Why’s that?

It smells of oligarchy. Nah! More like monopoly.

Apparently Google is doing this to counter the recent PRISM controversy where it was accused to giving access to its user’s personal data to Security Services of USA.

But many of you will also remember that when (not provided) first appeared in Google Analytics, it was Matt Cutts who proclaimed it would only affect 10% of search query and never more.

Google Not Provided is going 100%

Google Not Provided is going 100%

Some say “I never heard any successful web property owner used “keywords” to establish the business.”

I reply “I have never heard of an entrepreneur or businessman who started a product without identifying a gap in the market place which he identified and then plunged it to fulfill that need of the customers”.

To continue moving forward, a business is consistently challenged with making decisions on which new markets to expand into, what new verticals to compete in and how to better customize or fine tune its product and service.

As online market is becoming more and more dominant with more and more users buying and selling through online medium, it is imperative to know what the users are looking for and the changing benefits that customers are seeking.

Why Keyword Analysis?
When it comes to digital marketing or online marketing, keywords play a vital part in identifying the needs, wants and changing demands of the customers/searchers.

It also lets the marketer identify what could be called the online customer behavior i.e. what is he looking for, his expectations and his (search) behavioral pattern.

When it comes to search engine marketing, ranking could make or break an online business. It is imperative that you stay on top of the Search engine for the most relevant keywords to your business.

Again its more than mere “traffic hunting”, it’s getting the right kind of visitors to your site.

Keyword research and competitive keyword analysis lets the online marketers predict change in demand and then respond to the changing market conditions.

It helps online marketers come up with the products, services, and content that searchers (potential customers) are actively seeking online.

A World without Keyword
Imagine a case where an internet marketer’s organic campaign fails or not produces desired result.

How would he/she know what they did wrong if they don’t have keyword report? Which keywords drove traffic to their site? Why did the bounce rate with certain keywords high? How can they improve their page?

Not that I am saying keywords are the most important factor but they are vital KPIs against which one could measure their internet marketing endeavors.

The keyword is needed because you don’t want that traffic which you don’t want. And you want to know which keywords are attracting irrelevant visitors and what to do about it.

I don’t want to attract people interested in tennis racquet if I am just selling tennis shoe. Do I?

A keyword does exactly what Philip Kotler said about marketing: It’s about satisfying the needs and wants of customer. And keywords that a searcher types is his needs and wants, the benefits he is looking for and we as a marketer need to know what the searchers want and that’s how we want to identify, measure and fulfill that need.

Keywords tell us about the changing benefit in today’s dynamic digital market place scenario. Internet marketing is essentially about providing that changing benefits to the customer’s changing needs and demands.

But Google has decided it won’t provide what user wants and we marketers are here to provide.

What’s in it for Google?
They want to improve user experience! Isn’t it a joke? In the recent time I have seen how the search quality in Google has deteriorated.
This does not augurs well for search engine marketing. I completely agree to the point that has been made been made Barry Schwartz at – Why is it that Google could provide the data in the Adwords but not in Analytics?

That’s not fair at all. It was like first make someone dependent on your tool and when you have the trap set, you go in for kill. Now you won’t release data until one spends on Adwords campaigns.

I am not saying it’s wrong to charge for one’s service. After all Google is also a profit driven business.

But then it smells as if Google did it in an unethical way. It also reminds me what I had studied in school about the Anglo China opium wars.

First make them addict and then charge them and drive profit and if they do not bend destroy them.

Small businesses beware! Old sayings are never wrong: There’s nothing like free lunch 🙂

Watch out for my next update on how to take on the Google Not Provided data head on.

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