What is Google Knowledge Graph and a Bonus Video?

Google  Knowledge Graph enables you to search for things, people or places that Google knows about — landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams, buildings, geographical features, movies, celestial objects, works of art and more — and instantly get information that’s relevant to your query.

Basically,Google’s Knowledge Graph is an integration of many complex search ideas. This graph endeavours to present search result in a very simple way, as in the same way a human brain might think.

Google Knowledge Graph seeks to make the search so perceptive that the user is led in a logical way to the answers he might be seeking through a particular search query. Essentially speaking straight to where you need (instead of want) to go.

This is how it works as per Google:

With it, you can get much quicker access to the information that you are looking for without having to jump back and forth to different websites.

If you take the time to weigh on the possibilities, then you can easily see the ways in which you can benefit from Google Knowledge Graph. One of the ways is through Search Engine Optimization.

The Knowledge Graph enhances Google Search in three main ways to start:

Finding the Right Things

It gives us a choice as to the entity that searched query might be showing specific information about in a knowledge panel as in as an extension of local search carousel .


Getting the Best Summaries through Google’s Knowledge Graph

Did you see there’s a casino and musician in the knowledge graph carousal? And they are also there in organic result where they weren’t before Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Getting the Best Summaries

Get the Best Summary through Knowledge Graph

Get the Best Summary through Knowledge Graph

It organizes and presents information about a search query (entity) which appears in a meaningful and related way by studying search behaviour and related (next query) queries asked in Google search by us about each entity and that is displayed in a knowledge panel.

You could notice that knowledge graph carousel includes name of parents, awards, education and in some searches even relatives and siblings are mentioned. You’ll notice in the next example how lead singers and band members are mentioned.

Going Deeper and Broader

Knowledge Graph

Google’s Knowledge Graph Goes Deeper and Broader

By including information about a follow-up search that you might perform about those entities that show up next to search results. Here you could find the songs, the albums and all the related information that people tend to search for this particular music band.

So what are the advantages you could have as a searcher with the introduction of Google’s Knowledge Graph?

Providing Relevant Data

The first Google Knowledge Graph does is to provide data about particular entities identified as relevant to a query, they could be diverse or related depending upon the overall search pattern for a particular search term and user’s tendency to visit a particular page.

Speeding up time and effort

It also help reduce the number of pages that you’d have to visit to obtain factual information thereby decreasing the amount of time you would have to spend to satisfy your informational needs by providing you related information and further questions you might associate with a particular query.

Improving users’ search experiences

Especially when it comes to queries aimed at “learning, browsing, or discovery,” Google Knowledge Graph provides basic factual information or summary information about an entity

Assisting Navigation

Google Knowledge Graph assists you in easy navigation by providing you the links to related topics that people tend to select as a follow up query to the original one, in a “seamless and natural way”.

Supplying new content

By presenting information that might not have otherwise been seen by a searcher, Google Knowledge Graph provides you with option of selecting several of the search results which are related to the original query.

 Here’s a bonus video to give you a better idea about Google’s Knowledge Graph:

Do let me know your thought’s on this. Do you think its useful or just another way to piss off SEOs? Do let me know through comments about how is your experience with Google’s knowledge graph.

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