On its 15th Birthday Google announces Knowledge Graph updates

On the occasion of its 15th Birthday, Google has announced addition of new features in its Knowledge Graph. From what I could read, it is a step forward towards making Google search more of a “conversational search.”

It is geared up to meet the changing dynamics of this generation as well as future technological advancement that will change the way we search. Google wants to be our buddy or one can say your own personal (digital) assistant.

According to Google; “You can explore the world with the Knowledge Graph, ask questions aloud with voice search, and get info before you even need to ask with Google Now.”


Knowledge Graph Update

How Google use Knowledge Graph to determine Search Result

The earlier announcement of Hummingbird Search Algorithm coupled with knowledge graph updates are aimed to cater to the techno savvy new generation basically the users of smart-phones and iPads etc.

Google is a by far way ahead of its competitor when it comes to innovation in search. Google is not only predicting the changes that would come in future, it is also shaping the future of search and user interaction with web.

The idea of “conversational search” by Google is an amazing concept. It will be more than mechanical search; the new search will entail communicating with your device and get better result which is not about the keywords but the idea or the meaning behind it.

The new search will retrieve the data as and when you require the data. You see? Your own personal secretary! So how is it going to work and what are the new additions?

Conversation in Knowledge Graph

One of the new feature in the knowledge graph is the ability to ask questions e.g. if you ask your smart-phone device, iPad and iPhone a complex question like “tell me about impressionist artist”, you’ll see the name and images of the artist belonging to that movement in the top knowledge bar of the search result.

In addition to that you have the access to filters too that would let you further refine your search.

 Comparisons and filters in the Knowledge Graph

Another new addition is the ability to compare 2 objects or things. If you ask your smart device to “compare olive oil vs. mustard oil” Google will display a new comparison tool with composition details etc.

Get things done with Google across your devices

Google has also announced the launch of a new app in coming weeks for iPad and iPhone users.

This app will enable you to receive notification across your connected devices. So if you tell your Galaxy S4, “OK Google. Remind me to buy tennis shoe at Walmart,” what it will do is send you a reminder when you next walk into the store. With the new Google Search apps, you’d also receive alerts so that you’re not late to your swimming class.

So, this is all about the new update from Google. What do you think of these additions? Are they going to revolutionize the way we search or make us dumber through over-reliance on gizmos and technology? Are we moving into right direction or is Google taking control of the way we do things online?

Do let me know through your comments and feedback.

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