Bhaag Dilli Bhaag: Delhi Half Marathon

Bhaag Dilli Bhaag was the mantra on a chilly morning of Dilli ki Sardi. A salute to the indomitable spirit is what the Delhi Half Marathon was all about and it was proved by Ethiopia’s Atsedu Tsegay who won the race with a new course record on a misty Sunday morning.

I was fortunate to have attended Delhi Half Marathon thanks to my brother who also participated in this edition of the race. It was foggy when I arrived and I had to park my vehicle near defence colony and walk up to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the venue for Delhi Half Marathon.

It was an amazing gathering on a cold winter day. People from all walks of life – of different age group, caste, creed, colour, nationality and physical ability level – were gathered to participate. Some were running for  cause and some for glory. Some were there to challenge their own limits and some were there to have their photo taken or to appear on national media (and most in these categories were corporates or our “younger generation”…reminds me of Joe Sebastian’s song)

Why was I there? Well the primary reason was to take my brother to the race and to carry him back (as I had a gut feeling that he’d suffer a cramp…why because in preparation he’d ran 25 kilometre one day and had a knee problem since then). Yet another reason was that I do love photography and I had a reason to believe that I would have some good photo ops.

There were 5 categories in this marathon run with the maximum course distance of 21.097 kilometres. For half marathon – the category in which my brother participated – eligibility is 18 years and above. Then are are Corporate Champions and the Great Delhi Run (6 kms), Senior Citizens’Run (4 kms) and the most indomitable of all spirits: the Champions with Disability (4 kms).

Here are some pics (I know not that good…I have a point and shoot camera mind you) from one such memorable  day in my life. And I bless Delhi for ever giving me this opportunity to be a part of something exciting, exhilarating and enlightening at the same time. Is it a wonder that I love my city that recently had her 102nd Anniversary as capital of India. Here are some photos that I took during this edition of Delhi Half Marathon…and I assure you, next time I am gonna run 🙂

Delhi Half Marathon photo by Nikhil

My Brother gearing up for Delhi Half Marathon

Vikash running Delhi Half Marathon

My Brother was running and that’s why I was there

Balle Balle

Balle Balle

Senior Citizens at Delhi Half Marathon

Old is Gold…they were wonderful and so was their bonhomie

RBI, Corporate at Delhi Half Marathon

This is a name you can bank on

Running for a cause

Running For a Cause: Delhi Half Marathon

Blind Cricket Association during Delhi Half Marathon

Running for a cause: Let there be light

Running for a cause: Safety for women in Delhi

A Plea against Atrocities on Women

Running for Green

This was the most pathetic cause as the volunteers did their best to pollute and de-green

Delhi Marathon

They preach green and they lay behind plastic

Running for Inflation

Inflation Woes: Onions Makes you Cry and Sometimes Smile


Indians at Marathon

There you go: Indians are there

The champs at Delhi Half Marathon

Up in the air: The champs at Delhi Half Marathon

A differently-abled running for Delhi Marathon

This is courage personified

Delhi Half Marathon Photo

Here comes the champions

Street Food, Delhi Half Marathon

This was delicious…and I had 2 plates of pakodas

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