A Plea for Woman Rights in Delhi

I have always believed that woman who seek to be equal to man lack ambition. But after today’s dialogue it appears that I wasn’t clear enough in this stance of mine.

Why do I say that?

Well I have my reasons. And now I will talk practically to assuage any doubts that might be creeping in your mind.

Running for a cause: Safety for women in Delhi

A Plea against Atrocities on Women

I was told that I am as uncivilized as a drunken would be or a rapist in a DTC Bus.

It was because I am opposed to any reservation…be it a Metro Rail or a DTC Bus.

As the word goes reservation – if you are availing it – means that you are weak, oppressed and not equal.

The very fact that you need special privilege undermines your authority not just as normal human being but as a person itself.

People say think of your sister or your father in same situation. Well…I say If an elderly person – like my father – is standing in front of me I won’t care if the seat is reserved for senior citizens…I’d gladly stand up and offer him my seat.

Then some people say consider your sis in a bus where some rowdies are staring at her…won’t you then wish that she has a reserved seat? Well I say…even if she is sitting in a reserved seat will that ensure that she is not stared at?

Its a bit this and a bit that I know. But reservation is not a solution. Reservation is like khairat…wherein someone reinforce their superiority…that they are in power and that they are generous and still i means that you are at their mercy.

Why do I say this? Because I have observed people sitting on seats reserved for women and senior citizens and not yielding it even if one of them are around unless they want to.

The very idea of reservation stinks of bias and superiority of those who grant “rights” to those who are considered weak. If I accept the alms I am a beggar. And would you?

Yet another point was the art of “shameless stare”that the machos of Delhi have perfected. Shouldn’t girls be wary of that ravishing look?

My question is “why should they?”

I remember a short story I read when I was like 5 years old. It left a deep mark and the story is still itched in my consciousness.

The story is about Swami Vivekanand. It goes like:

One day Swami ji went to the bathing ghats of the river with one of his disciple. While he was taking the bath a person accosted him and started to abuse him with choicest of words. The disciple who was kind of wrestler got angry and approached the person as in to hurt him but Swami ji stopped him.

The disciple asked “Swami ji I would have broken his bones and even you who are so much stronger (physically) that one tight slap would have broke him. Why didn’t you say or do anything?” Swami Ji said “If you give me a bread and I don’t take it where does it end up?” Disciple said “Of course with me. ” And then he understood.

Why do I recall this? It is because of the staring question. You are stared at as long as you are noticing that someone is staring at you. It is like feeling bad of the curse that a beggar pronounces when you don’t give him the alms.

Why would I care or for that matter you care about who’s staring at you or who is thinking – gods know what – about you? Why so serious…actually self conscious…

And don’t blame all the males for the woes or we could cite eve for all the woes that has fallen unto us. Have we ever asked why do you get facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing? Let’s leave it at that 🙂

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