A Boring Day in Office is #DesiHappiness

Someone is boring me. Come to think of it, damn! It’s me.

I don’t remember the last time I was this much wella in the office. Boriyat ki bhi had hota hai. Aaj to bole to office is so silent that I could hear myself not working. I am writing this even as the day in office is about to be wrapped up. It’s a… well boring day in office. I remember starting to work on something then doing something else it was like running in circles. Then I tried FB but it ain’t no fun anymore!

Then I started to do a funny thing. I opened 5 Twitter accounts simultaneously and then started tweeting to me, myself and then one more me and so on. After several Tweets, Retweets and Favorites, once again I got bored. Then I tried to do some not so funny Tweets on the trending Hashtags. Today I liked Rohit Sharma and #DesiHappiness.

The favorite Rohit Sharma Tweet was “Wife of Rohit Sharma: Where are we going for honeymoon darling he replies India because I can’t perform outside India.” Funny? Well It seemed so but even as I am typing this I find the Tweet to be too moronic to be funny.

Time to move on! After a while I am thinking of helping traveling community by answering their question and alleviate their travel worries through my sagacious advice. So lo I arrive at a thread and I get carried away and I write 700 words and then instead of posting it there, I get a boring idea to post it as a blog update on one of the sites I contribute to.

You might be thinking I couldn’t do a thing so mean just for an author bio link.

Well don’t blame me. It’s the boredom which made me do it. As I said it’s a boring day in office 🙁

Do you know that I am feeling hungry today ever since I had the lunch? Hungry ain’t the right word I was ravenous. I was so bored that I didn’t even order for anything. Could you believe that?

And I reached the height of boredom after the evening tea break. I started pinging all my colleagues on Gtalk asking them how they are.

Could you feel my helplessness and level of boredom. I am so very bored today that I don’t even feel sleepy. I don’t feel like updating any blog. Then I do the only boringly funny thing of this #FF (not Fantastic but F**k**g Friday). I write an invitation email for one of my colleague. Actually I write two versions one was boring and got accepted and one that finally gave me something to cheer about is reproduced here:

After nine month of construction our project is complete.

We invite you to grace the naming ceremony we are holding to celebrate this occasion.

And let us also emphasize that the fruit of our labor is yet anonymous! We’d welcome any proposition for a name as long as it begins with letter “T”.

No clue? Well he is inviting us for his son’s arrival in this world…and disgustingly polluted Delhi. May his first breath be the purest. They are going to name him and that’s why this invitation letter.

Now if you are saying what’s funny in that please excuse me. Didn’t I just say that it is one of the most boring days of mine at the office?

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